Read this before you hire a chair massage company




Here are 6 questions to ask a prospective massage company before you hire them.

  1. Are the therapists given a hands-on interview where their skills and technique are tested?
  2. Are the therapists licensed and insured in the state where they practice?  Ask for proof.
  3. How long has the massage company been in business?
  4. Does the company have managers in each city they work in to hold interviews and manage the local therapists?
  5. What do the therapists bring with them to the job? Music, aromatherapy etc…?
  6. Has the owner of the company been a massage therapist? Asking this will give you an insight to his/her ability to manage and judge the quality of a massage.

Body Charge massages the Stanley Cup?

Yes, we can’t believe it either, but Body Charge sent 5 therapists to Santa Monica on Saturday night (june 16) for the

Stanley Cup Party.

And I’m not blowing our horn, but it’s good to let people know some of the places we have worked.  Trisha you can see, is an LA Kings fan, and she is in hog heaven……the therapists massaged the Kings and their guests, and then sat down to a dinner catered by Wolfgang Puck.   As owner of this company, I should have brought my massage chair.  O well….

Just the latest news in a day in a life of a chair massage company.

Trisha, a Body Charge therapist, next to the Stanley Cup at the party Saturday the 16th of June

We provide Chair Massage AND Reflexology at your health fairs!


Massage chair and a LaFuma Reflexology Lounger-Our standard equipment






Body Charge can provide reflexology and foot massage at your health fairs, trade shows and employee appreciation days. It is a great addition to the standard chair massages we offer.  Your guests and employees have a chance to get off their feet and be pampered with a great foot treatment by an experienced reflexologist and accupressurist who addresses specific health issues through the feet and accupressure points.


It’s another way of showing your employees that you care!


20803930_mBody Charge is headquartered in the Los Angeles area and provides corporate seated chair massage for the local community.  Our seated office massages help relax your employees and rewards them for a job well done.

We can mobilize a team quickly for you here, and have been working in Los Angeles for over 15 years, with many local businesses and entertainment companies as our references.  Corporate on-site massage and reflexology are our specialties with a well-trained, professional staff.

The Body Charge Team is a group of therapists that are trained in stress reduction techniques designed specifically for office settings.  With massage, iPod music and aromatherapy, the team creates an atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation,  while the therapist performs on site seated massage.

Companies such as Legal, J2 Global Communications, DaVita Dialysis, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, TBWA Chiat/Day Advertising, Holthouse Carlin & Van Trigt, Fandango, are all companies that are based in LA and we would be happy to offer references from companies in the area.

Please give us a call today at 818-986-9019,  for 24/7  on- call service.

On-site Event & Office Chair Massage Pioneers

chair-massage-events-rosebowl2Body Charge has been leading the way in the business of on-site chair massages for events and organizations since 1995.  We have accumulated the experience and expertise that allows us to give the best corporate chair massages in the industry.  We believe experience can be a teacher.  With Body Charge, we have 14 years in which we evolved into a top rated company. Seated massage is no longer a luxury now, but a necessary service to keep your staff sharp relaxed and sharp.

We grow and evolve every year.  We effort at becoming the best choice for on-site chair massages in the industry.  Our clientele repeat clients that tell others about us.  We believe this doesn’t happen by accident.  It happens through our continually and progressive efforts to enrich our clients’ lives with healthy and effective chair massages.

Get the benefits of chair massages at your office or event today!

Body Charge offers reflexology and foot massages

Reflexology, Corporate Chair MassageReflexology is a unique form of massage where the therapist uses pressure points on the feet to facilitate changes in the body. It requires no oils or lotions and is based on the principle that zones and reflex areas on the hands and feet mirror an image on the body and such work treats specific conditions.

It is a relaxing and therapeutic way of treating the body and is performed with a very comfortable chair called the LaFuma Lounger which is pictured here.

Reflexologists are trained in foot, hand, and ear reflexology, each having unique zones to treat specific areas.

Corporate Massage can reduce tension of dis-satisified employees

Commentary August 12, 2010, 5:00PM EST

Dreaming of Steven Slater

The airline worker’s dramatic exit from his job seemed to spring from the collective imagination of a hot, angry, overworked, and underpaid America

By Devin Leonardimgres

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What’s remarkable about the case of Steven Slater, the JetBlue (JBLU) flight attendant who quit his job in magnificent style on Aug. 9, is not that an airline worker would snap after an encounter with an unruly passenger on a mid -morning Pittsburgh-to-JFK run. It’s that so much of the rest of the country applauded. While possibly committing several serious violations of federal law, Slater’s every move”using the plane’s P.A. system to curse at a rude customer whose bag had landed on his head, politely thanking the other passengers, grabbing two beers from the galley before sliding down the inflatable emergency chute and sprinting toward home”seemed to spring from the collective imagination of a hot, angry, overworked, and underpaid America.

Headline writers describing the incident invoked Johnny Paycheck’s No. 1 country hit from the hard times of 1977, Take This Job and Shove It. Most of them, however, missed the twist that gives the song its emotional weight: The singer never works up the courage to leave his detested factory job. He simply fantasizes about having “the nerve to say” it, the way so many Americans dreamed themselves into Slater’s JetBlue shoes.

Slater “a 20-year veteran of the airline industry who gushes on his MySpace page about his commitment to his career” was lounging in bed with his boyfriend when the police came to arrest him at his Queens (N.Y.) home. As they perp-walked him past the cameras, Slater grinned from ear to ear, as if to tell his fellow Americans: “It feels great!

The public response was swift and overwhelming. People created dozens of Facebook pages with names such as “Steven Slater: Hero of the Working Man.” Two days after his arrest the pages had attracted more than 180,000 fans. The admirers were soon sharing quitting stories of their own, occasionally with details about the boss they told off. More often they shared their dreams of doing so. On a page called “Can Steven Slater Get More Fans Than Justin Bieber?” a Facebook user named Karen Bonner struck a typically wistful note: “I wish I had the nerve…,” she wrote.

We are deep into what is so far the hottest year in recorded history, and into the second year of a prolonged economic slump. Unemployment is stuck at 9.5 percent, with an additional 7 percent of Americans either holding in part-time positions or no longer looking for work and thus no longer even counted as unemployed. A grim new noun has entered the lexicon “99ers,” people whose 99 weeks of extended jobless benefits have all run dry. No wonder the vast majority of people who have jobs aren’t about to give up a steady paycheck, no matter what indignities are visited upon them. That doesn’t mean they aren’t secretly ready to explode. “Slater tapped into a vein of anger that a lot of people have toward their employers,” says John Challenger, chief executive officer of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, a Chicago-based outplacement firm. “They are mad about all the layoffs they’ve gone through at work. They are mad about having their benefits cut.”

In such an environment you might expect to find more Steven Slaters. Despite some of the recent boasting on Facebook, few people are giving notice. Though the economy showed fitful signs of life earlier this year, people didn’t head for the exit chute; the Bureau of Labor Statistics says the rate of people quitting barely budged from January through May. And that was before consumer confidence plunged and economists started talking about the possibility of a double-dip recession. In a job market like this, almost everybody feels expendable. It’s the job “however unsatisfying it may be” that’s hard to replace.

Sandwiched between these phenomena, employees feel mounting pressure. Last year, according to the federal government, worker productivity climbed 3.5 percent as companies shed millions of employees and figured out ways to get more work from those who remained. It was the biggest increase in six years and great for corporate profits. It was considerably less great for workplace morale. According to Towers Watson (TW), a benefits consulting firm, employee engagement, or loyalty, declined by 9 percent in 2009. Until the recovery picks up, however, those disengaged workers are staying on.

Maybe the best they can do is reach for a second beer, turn the A/C to deep freeze, and live vicariously through Slater. He has been charged with reckless endangerment and criminal mischief, and faces seven years in prison. Yet only the hardest of hearts would deny him whatever monetization he can muster in return for this welcome moment of wish fulfillment. (Especially since he’s caring for his ill mother, herself a veteran of the airline industry.) If nothing else, Slater made a lot of Americans laugh at a grim moment in the life of the country. “What’s so great about this is that it’s a real life,” says Challenger. “It’s not scripted. It could have been scripted. I love the fact that he took two beers. If I was a beer company, I’d capitalize on that right away.”

Those in corporate America who don’t sign him up as a spokesperson would be wise to ponder Slater’s case. His admirers may not be as brave or impetuous as their hero, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be heading for the exits as soon as the economy picks up and new opportunities present themselves. As one of his fans, maskedscheduler, wrote on Twitter: “On behalf of all of us thinking about creative ways of leaving our jobs, screw you Steven Slater for setting the bar ridiculously high.”

Leonard is a reporter for Bloomberg Businessweek in New York.

Massage for Neck Surgery

Medical MRI magnetic resonance image of cervical spine with disc herniation and spinal cord compression

As the owner of Body Charge, I have studied many different types of massage, and seen many different types of injuries.

I am currently recovering from neck surgery for a bulging disc between c5 and c6.  The procedure was called a ACDF- an anterior cervical discetomy where the surgeon makes an incision in the front of your neck off to the side, to get to the disc.  He then replaces the disc with a piece of special plastic that dissolves as the bones start to heal and graft.

During this time I have had to wear a cervical collar, and now it is my 6th week…  physical therapy including EMS and ice have helped a lot.  Massage for traps, scalene muscles, and occipital muscles have helped relieve the tension caused by having to keep my neck so rigidly straight.

Massage can help the healing process speed along and help your recovery during post-op.



Luxury or Necessity: America’s #1 Natural Health Doctor Recommends Massage

Neck work at office massageDr. Andrew Weil is  a world renown authority on natural medicine as well as an MD.  This is a quote from Dr. Weil on the benefits of massage:

“Previous studies have found that massage can relieve chronic back pain, lessen the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, ease post-operative pain, reduce headache frequency, relieve arthritis pain, reduce blood pressure, improve immune function, reduce symptoms among children with cerebral palsy, help ease labor pain and anxiety, reduce nausea and vomiting in post-operative patients, and ease symptoms among Parkinson’s disease patients. I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture “massage has proven efficacy for reducing pain, anxiety, stress, and depression in patients with a wide range of medical problems. If you have an interest in its effects on any specific disorder, I suggest visiting the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine ( where you’ll find a detailed listing of studies.”


Office chair massage can help your employees maintain their health, and thus reduce their sick days, and improve the performance of your company.

Email us for a quote and get wellness and well-being into your company today!

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