Less Stress at work

Stress and tension are part of most jobs in our country.  Of course, some jobs are certainly more stressful than others.  Sometimes other people in the organization unfortunately add to the stress and tension of employees unnecessarily.  Regardless of the reason, stress and tension are here to stay in the workplace.

Stress and tension cause all kinds of problems in the workplace

Stressed employees can contaminate other employees because their stress makes them less effective at handling the day to day problems.  Stressed employees are much more prone to industrial accidents and repetitive stress syndromes.  Stressed employees perform at a much lower level than a relaxed employee.

Relieving stress is the goal of an effective chair massage by Body Charge.  We want both the employer and the employee to perform better on the job, enjoy the job better, get along with co-workers better, and to stay on the job longer.  Chair massages deliver on these benefits.