Corporate Chair Massage in New York City, NY

NYC On-Site Office Massages for over 15 Years

  • We supply our team of local New York City office massage therapists to your office.
  • Our experienced, professional and expert office chair massage therapists are pre-screened, highly qualified and most have been with us for many years.
  • Scheduling a group of employees for individual massage is easy and affordable.
  • Specialized massage chairs maximize the experience and time for massage.
  • We tailor the location and atmosphere to your needs.

On-Site Office Massages Benefits Your Employees

  • Relieves stress and tension due to computer work
  • Rejuvenates and resets attitudes
  • Creates goodwill toward the company
  • Improves overall happiness and productivity at work

How it works & FAQs

Easy steps to scheduling your employee massage sessions:

  1. Call  800.296.8634 or email to get a quote and schedule the sessions, determine the number of therapists and time per session.
  2. Our team of massage therapists come to your office, ask questions and determine optimal massage workspace for your office.
  3. Our team creates a positive, stress free zone for the massages, usually away from workspaces, often a conference room or unused office.
  4. Your employees are invited in and our team delivers a thorough, rejuvenating and stress-reducing massages.
  5. Your employees walk away feeling invigorated and happy with better morale and goodwill toward the company.