Prevent Stress Related Injuries

In the United States, many on the job injuries have stress as a contributing factor.  Some studies have shown up to 80% of all industrial accidents are in part, or fully caused by stress.

Decrease Repetitive Stress Symptoms

Injuries associated with repetitive actions can cause problems like tendonitis and carpal tunnel. Repetitive work can lead to chronic tightness.  That tightness leads to physical injury.  Our office Chair Massages work to reduce the muscle tightness which reduces the chances of these problems.  Additionally, our therapists help to educate you or your employers on avoiding these problems.

Flexibility and Range of Motion Is Increased

Our chair massages reduce muscle tension and tightness.  This increases your flexibility and range or motion considerably.  Decreased tension and increased flexibility helps many employees perform their physical job responsibilities much better and with more alacrity.

Reduce Muscle Soreness

Muscle soreness from job strains and poor posture lead to discomfort performing your job.  Our office chair massages help reduce that muscle soreness and pain so your mind remains on your work and not your pain.