Job Satisfaction

Employees that are stressed and tense often make for poorer performing employees.  They don’t enjoy their job when there is too much stress.  They have more injuries.  They call in sick much more often.  They also stay with the job for shorter period of time.

Relieve stress and your employees enjoy their job more

On-site office chair massages are an excellent solution to the stressed employee. A 15 minute chair massage with our top-notch therapists go a long way to making a relaxed and alert employee. Our office chair massages are conducted in a conference room or unoccupied office for privacy and comfort. In just a few minutes the come out feeling much better about everything.

Relaxed employees are more capable of dealing with the problems that come their way, including other problem employees. They are more alert. They are more accurate. They are faster. And they enjoy their jobs more.

When employees enjoy their job, they call in sick much less. They also stay with the company longer.

Begin giving your employees and your company the benefits of on-site office chair massages today!