More Productivity

Studies show that relaxed workers perform their jobs better.  More than half of lost work days are reported to be stress related.  Additionally, job accidents and turnover are the consequences of stress in the workplace.

Chair massages are a proven way to greatly reduce stress in office workers.

A 15 Minute Chair Massage relieves employee stress. Employers report increased alertness, speed and accuracy after an office chair massage.

Increased employee performance

Because the employees are more alert and relaxed, they simply perform better.  Work is done at a faster pace.  Problems are met with a more relaxed, calm manner, which translates into better solutions.

Employees' work is more accurate

Studies have shown that employees that are relaxed and renewed from an office chair massage are more accurate.  Test have shown people increase their speed and accuracy in math tests after a quality massage.

Improved employee morale and retention

When you reward your employees with chair massages, they perceive you as an employer that cares.  When employees feel that their employers care more about them, their morale increases.  Employees are less likely to leave a job when they feel the employers care about them.  An office chair massage from Body Charge becomes your partner in improved employee morale.

Employees get along better

You already know what happens when stressed out employees interact with each other to solve problems.  Lots of upset and emotions.  To improve this situation, many companies bring in our chair massage therapists.  This reduces employee tension and stress which in turn translates to better employee interaction.

Begin adding the benefits of chair massages to your office today!

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