Office Massage Therapy in Chicago

Body Charge, providers of rejuvenating office massage therapy in Chicago, has a special place in its heart for the Windy City. The owners are from La Grange and Rogers Park, and agree that the city is a special place where the food is great and the people are the best.

Corporate massage therapy in the city is also becoming a necessity, not a luxury, to help prevent RSIs in the computer oriented business world.

So many bodily aches and pains are now associated with corporate jobs. Spending hours typing on keyboards or signing documents can take its toll on you and your staff’s health. As a matter of fact, these aches can get in the way of productivity as it can injure your employees or even increase the occurrences of absences at work.

However, most studies show that getting massage therapy for your Chicago office can help employees avoid being negatively affected by stress-induced pains. With this in mind, giving them access to chair massage in your Chicago office can ensure that their breaks are spent relaxing and de-stressing through a soothing massage from our team of expert therapists.

By allowing your employees to benefit from a relaxing office massage, you can be sure that they have the best way of relieving stress even while on the job. In addition, an on-site massage service could be an incentive that can increase productivity and make your workers enjoy their job more.

Our corporate massage therapists in Chicago have been working with us for over 10 years, and they provide great massage therapy in Chicago for law firms and other corporate offices in The Loop and the North side. On-site chair massage in Chicago corporate settings are always welcome by employees and executive staff alike.

We’ve been asked to perform our corporate massage services at Northwestern University, Wildman Harrold Law Firm, Lexus at Arlington Race Track, and others. Also, we have performed seated massages in many booths at McCormick Place. We have one the most experienced teams for chair massage in Chicago and we look forward to making your event a success.

Try us out and I guarantee your event a success!


Paul Guditis – President