Portable Chair Massage in Las Vegas

In order to expand our efforts in bringing our clients the best possible seated massage to trade show venues, Body Charge Inc. has opened a new office offering portable chair massage in Las Vegas.

With over 14 years of experience in bringing massage to offices and conventions, Body Charge Inc. elected to bring our services to the Trade Show capital of the world.

“With the economy showing some signs of recovery and attendance at shows increasing, I felt it was the right time to open an office in town, so we could keep a closer watch on the industry,” said Paul Gudits at a recent shareholder meeting.

One of the best ways to draw traffic to your booth at a trade show is to have attractive, healthy, and fit massage therapists doing reflexology sessions and/or portable chair massage at your exhibit space in Las Vegas. On your next trade show, the massage service provided by our professional therapists here at Body Charge will ensure that more guests will visit your booth and remember your message.

The immediate effects of seated massage during conventions, health fairs, corporate events, and trade shows can go a long way in terms of promoting overall wellness in your company. Just one session can immediately relieve muscle pain, eliminate anxiety, lower blood pressure and heart rate, increase one’s attention span and focus, and stimulate the immune system.

For trade shows and corporate events, Body Charge provides professional and uniformed massage therapists, free massage passes, and optional foot reflexologists. We can even provide discounted hourly rates if the portable chair massage in Las Vegas is sponsored by the trade show’s production team. Contact Body Charge for event massage services or ongoing corporate wellness programs in Las Vegas.

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