Event Massage rates and Payment Options

Onsite seated chair massage for convention and trade show attendees can have an excellent return on investment.

Following a short diversion for a seated chair massage, event attendees will feel refreshed, invigorated, will be able to better pay attention to your product marketing, which in turn transforms more event attendees into paying customers.

Walking around conventions and trade shows can be very tiring for attendees, so why miss out on the low-cost investment opportunity to have a more receptive audience at your trade show conventions? There has never been a good reason to let your event attendees get tired and worn down. Re-energize your event attendees with onsite seated chair massage, a cost-effective investment to complement your marketing costs.

Make your product launch more enjoyable and your product marketing more memorable to your convention attendees. Add some unique fun and therapeutic relaxation to trade show conventions with onsite seated chair massage for the enjoyment of your guests and visitors. Sometimes it’s little touches that tip the scale to convert an attendee into a customer.

Contact Body Charge today for price rates and payment options to bring onsite seated chair massage to your special events, trade shows, conventions, and health fairs. We look forward to working with you!