Types of Massage

Body Charge seated chair massage is a specific type of massage designed for the busy person. It does not require the client to disrobe and is completed in less time than a table-style massage. There are generally five seated chair massage techniques which Body Charge seated chair massage providers employ:

1) Squeezing, where major muscles are squeezed between fingers.
2) Gliding, a technique specifically adapted from a Swedish massage method for seated chair massage.
3) Kneading, which involves circular motions over the muscles.
4) Percussion, where fast hand chops are applied to the shoulders and back.
5) Compression, which is acupressure for specific key muscles.

Beyond the seated chair massage techniques, other types of massage techniques a client may choose to pursue include:

  1. Swedish massage
  2. Aromatherapy massage
  3. Hot Stone massage
  4. Deep Tissue massage
  5. Pregnancy massage
  6. Shiatsu
  7. Thai massage
  8. Reflexology
  9. Sports massage
  10. Back massage

Different types of massage are suited for specific ailments and personal expectations. For a more complete picture on which may be the best for you, please consult with your physician.

A stress-free life without those little nagging aches and pains is available for everyone at the hands of a trained massage practitioner. Let Body Charge seated chair massage be a part of your healthy lifestyle solution!