Employee Appreciation Days

As an employer, you want to show your staff how valuable they are to you and the company. Rewards during the year for meeting sales goals can increase morale, and generate a feeling of loyalty to the company, especially when the employee feels appreciated.

An employee appreciation day, featuring seated massage and relaxing music, can inspire creativity, relax and rejuvenate, as well as motivate workers to give that extra effort for the goals of the company. In fact, quantitative testing has shown that employees are more accurate, their cognitive skills improve, and stress levels decrease after a 15-minute massage.

Feeling good about the place of employment, how they are treated and taken care of play a big role in productivity and morale of employees. By treating your people to chair massages, not only will you be the most well liked person in the company, you’ll have a peaceful and relaxed office, which is a good thing.

Since body and mind work hand in hand, in- office massages can be a big plus. Our team of massage therapists specialize in relaxation techniques and muscle therapy, so your employees feel relaxed, rejuvenated and most of all, positive. Mid-afternoon lulls are optimal to give everyone a 15-minute massage. Nothing says thank you more to an employee than a “stress break”.