Examples of Employee Massage Ideas

On Going Wellness Programs that include chair massages

Wellness programs in becoming a viable company benefit for employees today. Employees that are more fit and healthier are more productive, happier and stay with you longer. Chair massages can be an excellent method to add into your wellness program because of the health and mental benefits.

Employee Stress Reduction Programs

Do your employees constantly work on deadlines or work in other stressful roles? Well, treat them to a regular stress reduction program weekly, monthly or just occasionally. The employees enjoy and appreciate the company’s kindness, which can reward the company with greater effectiveness, happier and healthier employees.

Employee Appreciation Days

Plan an occasional employee appreciation day and bring in our massage therapist teams for exhilarating and invigorating chair massages.

Health and Fitness Fairs

Invite vendors, including our Chair Massage services to a company developed health fair. This is an excellent way to motivate employees to care for their health and minds better. Health fairs are popular today because they allow employees to learn about the various ways they can improve themselves. They often include local vendors that provide products and services for the employees.