5 Surprising Benefits of Chair Massage

Relaxing Corporate Body Chair MassageMassage not only feels good, but it also good for you.  Here are a few benefits:

1.  Massage reduces stress. Why?  Massage creates chemical changes within the body that reduce pain and stress.  One of the culprits is substance P.  Substance P is a neuro-peptide that transmits signals of pain and anxiety to the brain.  Studies show that massage twice a week showed a reduction of substance P in the patients saliva, and reduced pain.

2.  Massage strengthens your immunity.   Under stress your body produces cortisol, which in turn kills off important cells for your immune system.  Massage circulates white blood cells through out the body, and reduces the cortisol production.

3. Massage lowers blood pressure.

4.  Techniques:  There is no evidence supporting one massage technique over another.  As long as the pressure is enough to make a temporary indentation, it’s doing the job.

5.  Self massage.  Targeting the tendons in the forearm by stretching them can relieve pain and discomfort from long hours on the computer.  Also stretching those tendons by doing active stretches will also help with those computer muscles…..