Massage for Neck Surgery

Medical MRI magnetic resonance image of cervical spine with disc herniation and spinal cord compression

As the owner of Body Charge, I have studied many different types of massage, and seen many different types of injuries.

I am currently recovering from neck surgery for a bulging disc between c5 and c6.  The procedure was called a ACDF- an anterior cervical discetomy where the surgeon makes an incision in the front of your neck off to the side, to get to the disc.  He then replaces the disc with a piece of special plastic that dissolves as the bones start to heal and graft.

During this time I have had to wear a cervical collar, and now it is my 6th week…  physical therapy including EMS and ice have helped a lot.  Massage for traps, scalene muscles, and occipital muscles have helped relieve the tension caused by having to keep my neck so rigidly straight.

Massage can help the healing process speed along and help your recovery during post-op.